NEWS (01/2019): We got two papers accepted by ICRA'19.
NEWS (12/2018): We are co-organising Gen-SLAM workshop in ICRA'19.
NEWS (09/2018): We launch a new meta-scale dataset InteriorNet for indoor scenes understanding.
NEWS (09/2018): We got another paper accepted by JFR'18.
NEWS (07/2018): We got a paper accepted by JFR'18, a top robotics journal.
NEWS (07/2018): We got two papers accepted by BMVC'18.
NEWS (06/2018): Wenbin is hiring all levels of talents for the group.
NEWS (06/2018): Wenbin has joined University of Bath as an Lecturer (Assistant Professor).

Wenbin Li /'wənbɪn.'lɪ/ is currently a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at University of Bath. Prior to being an academic scholar, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Imperial SRL 2016-18 and UCL PRISM 2014-16 respectively. He also got his PhD at Bath 2013, MSc at Imperial 2009, as well as B.Eng at Xidian University 2008. His educational background is primarily in joint computer science and mathematics, with a specific formal background in signal processing and massive data analysis.

Capture the Best Shots Possible

Wenbin's research interests lie in broad fields of computational filming. He always believes in the power of camera that brings human a rich set of information. Extraction and analysis on such information is the core issue of visual perception. His research interests mainly lie in an end-to-end pipeline for professional capture and mapping including interactive planning, camera localization/control and post-production. Those exiting topics could be broadly relevant to Computer Vision, Graphics, Machine Learning Robotics and Human Computer Interaction.

Favourite Things